Build deep integrations with HR/Payroll.
In days, not months.

Affix is a vertically-integrated API into employer-side HR/Payroll systems. Accelerate your integrations roadmap with a unified schema, and integrate with any endpoint or system you need.

How is this possible?

Unlike other unified APIs, Affix does not aggregate the public APIs of the underlying HR/Payroll providers, which don't enable the data migration use case. Instead, Affix has low-level bypasses into these systems' internal APIs, which connects the back end of a system to the front end. This enables you to migrate all your customers' data from their former cloud system, in seconds.

Access the data you need. Securely.

Affix doesn’t sell or store any sensitive employment data. Affix is GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified, protecting the data of customers, providers, employers, and employees. Affix is built in the most secure manner possible. Ask your dev.
ISO 27001 Certified
GDPR Compliant
No sensitive data is stored.

Enable customers to sync in seconds. Intuitively.

With Affix, your customers simply enter their credentials to their HR/Payroll system, and data is continuously synced in real time for every connection.

Build on one unified schema.

Forget about data transformation and CSV standardization. With deep integrations, any data found in an HR/Payroll system is captured in Affix’s common model.

Automate costly processes.

Sending sensitive data via CSVs is time-intensive, costly, and risky. With Affix, you can provid seamless integrations with any cloud HR/Payroll system, for any use case.

Serve new markets, now.

With Affix, add the HR/Payroll integrations that allow you to serve new markets, overnight.

Get data in real-time.

Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly data transfers are inherently limiting. With Affix, get data in real-time, and enable webhooks to be alerted for specific changes.

An API by developers, for developers.

Webhooks, industry-standard endpoints, and access to data and systems not found elsewhere are just some of the many ways Affix is purpose-built for developers, by developers.
Public sandbox token to start experimenting now.
Webhooks for real-time updates.
SDKs in any backend language you need.
Two modes: "developer" mode for any system or endpoint you need, and "official mode" for when your partners want you to use their public API.
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Built for Innovators.