Extract customers' HR/Payroll data from their former system. In seconds.

Affix is the API for HR/Payroll data migrations. With the Affix API, your newest customers can extract all their HR/Payroll data from their former system via API, rather than document downloads or manual data entry.
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Trusted by the most innovative companies in HR and Payroll

How it works

Unlike other unified APIs, Affix does not use the public APIs of the underlying HR/Payroll providers, which don't facilitate the data migration use case. Instead, Affix is vertically-integrated—  we build our own API via low-level bypasses into these systems' internal APIs. The result? A data migration process that is quick, seamless, and done in the most secure method possible.

Extract data, seamlessly. No back and forth.

The Affix link can be embedded directly into your onboarding screen, or in an email. Customers simply select the system they're coming from, enter their credentials, and they're done. Say goodbye to chasing after customers to export their data, or going into competing systems yourselves.
Data is migrated over in less than 30 seconds, via API.
Get all the data you need, from any cloud HR/Payroll.
Get a new system added by Affix in less than 24 hours.
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Migrate the data you need.
Any system. Any endpoint.

If you have a customer migrating from a system that Affix has not built yet, we can add that system in as little as 24 hours, as long as it is a cloud-based system or has a cloud backup. If you don't see the data model you need in our docs, let us know, and we can add it as well. If the data is theirs, we can enable your customer to migrate it to their new system, via API.

Convert data into your preferred format. 

Affix provides one common data model, so you don't need to convert data manually from multiple different systems. You can apply your own transformations to ours, but you only need to do this once, up front.

Migrate data. Securely.

Affix doesn’t store — or even see — sensitive employment data. The Affix API strips the signature of the JWT to ensure no request can be replayed. Additionally, Affix is GDPR compliant, ISO 27001 certified, and has received and passed an external penetration test. 
ISO 27001 Certified
GDPR Compliant
External Pen Test  
No personal data is stored or seen.

Get started in minutes.
Via API, or no code.

Adding Affix is easy. Affix is an OAuth 2.1 application, and follows the OAuth spec. We have React SDKs, an HTML snippet, and backend SDKs for whatever language you're in.

It will take an engineer just a few minutes to add Affix to your infrastructure and begin calling the API. We can also enable your implementations team to start extracting the data to a CSV or SFTP, no coding necessary.

Unlock the next level of efficiency.

With Affix, start scaling your implementations, reduce support costs, and shrink your time-to-value.

Scale your implementations.
Without growing headcount.

Remove lengthy migrations from your onboarding process. Onboard 10 or 10,000 customers without losing speed.

Migrate data.
Without the costly data errors.

By automating migration, you can prevent manual data entry errors, their downstream impacts on payroll and taxes, and the resulting customer support costs.

Cut down time-to-value. Generate more revenue.

By reducing migration times, you can also reduce your customer's time to value. Depending on your business model, that may be significant revenue you can finally claim.
Trusted by the most innovative companies in HR and Payroll

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