Extract customers' HR / Payroll data from their former system. In seconds.

With the Affix API, say goodbye to delayed implementations by allowing your customers to quickly extract all their HR/Payroll data, directly from their former system. No report downloads, or emails back and forth.
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Trusted by the most innovative companies in HR and Payroll

Extract data.
No back and forth via email.

After clicking a link in your onboarding flow or your email, customers simply select the system they're coming from, enter their credentials, and they're done. Say goodbye to chasing after customers to export their data, or going into competing systems yourselves.
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Convert data into your preferred format. 

Affix provides one common data model, so you only convert data from our common format. Call our API to get data back in JSON, or use our no-code method to receive the data in a standardized CSV delivered to your email.

Migrate from any cloud system.
One method.

Say goodbye to multiple different processes for different sources. Affix typically can support migrations via API from any cloud system within 24-48 hours of getting access to an account. After we've built the first integration, that user and any other across our entire customer base will be able to migrate their data in seconds via API. 

Get the data you need, reliably.

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you. Try any plan free for 30 days.

Company Data

Migrate company data like legal name, Tax ID, and address.

Census data

Get census data such as name, number, personal and work emails, bank details, DOB, gender & ethnicity, employment history, termination date, manager, department, dependents etc.


Get compensation hisory, such as pay period, pay rate, pay frequency, employment type (contractor vs. employee), currency, etc.


Get time sheet data including, but not limited to, start time, end time, hours worked, etc.

Leave & time off

Get time off data such as start and end date, unit (hours/days/months), approval status, policy details, used, time off balances, etc.

Custom fields and more

Get uncommon data in custom fields. Need a common field that we don't cover yet, such as recruiting or expenses? Let us know.


Get payrun details such as status, type, start date, end date, payment/check date, etc.

Payslips / Paystubs

Get US, EU, and UK payslip/paystub data: payrun details, currency, gross pay, net pay, earnings details, contributions details, taxes, deductions details, etc.


Get earnings breakdowns such as salary & overtime, hours, amount, and currency.


Get contributions data, such as the benefit name/type and amount.


Get deductions data such as name/type and amount.

Taxes and work location

Get tax data, such as name, type, amount, work location details, and any additional fields you may need.

Migrate data. Securely.

Affix doesn’t store — or even see — sensitive employment data. The Affix API strips the signature of the JWT to ensure no API request can be replayed by anyone— even us. Affix is GDPR compliant, ISO 27001 certified, and has passed an external penetration test. 
ISO 27001 Certified
GDPR Compliant
External Pen Test  

Get started in minutes.
Code, or no code.

Getting started with Affix is easy, whether your'e an engineer, or lead implementations.

For engineers: Affix is an OAuth 2.1 application, and follows the OAuth spec. We have React SDKs, an HTML snippet, and backend SDKs for whatever language you're in. It will take an engineer just a few minutes to add Affix to your infrastructure and begin calling the API. See our starter kit.

For customer success and implementation leaders: For those who want to start without any engineering at all, you can use our no-code solution to get started in minutes. Simply share a link with your customers, and you'll get a CSV of the extracted data sent within seconds, directly to your inbox.

Unlock the next level of efficiency.

With Affix, start scaling your implementations, reduce support costs, and shrink your time-to-value.

Scale your implementations.
Without growing headcount.

Remove lengthy migrations from your onboarding process. Onboard 10 or 10,000 customers without losing speed.

Migrate data.
Without the costly data errors.

By automating migration, you can prevent manual data entry errors, their downstream impacts on payroll and taxes, and the resulting customer support costs.

Cut down time-to-value. Generate more revenue.

By reducing migration times, you can also reduce your customer's time to value. Depending on your business model, that may be significant revenue you can finally claim.
Trusted by the most innovative companies in HR and Payroll

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